Meet Our Team

Marcus Burr

Marcus Burr- President

Marcus Burr is a third-generation helicopter company operator. He has been with the company his whole life and has seen it grow from 1995 to where we are today. When Bryan, the company’s founder and Marcus’s father, passed away in 2017 the company needed a leader. Marcus assumed that role and continued to run the day to day operations of the business. He has run the company successfully and has a vision for the future of Mountain West Helicopters. In 2016, Marcus graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Finance from Utah Valley University. He holds a Private Pilot certificate and flies fixed-wing aircraft.

Neal Jenson

Neal Jenson- Chief Pilot

Neal has been with Mountain West Helicopters since 2013. Neal is a Certified Flight Instructor and is also the company Check Airman. Neal oversees all of the pilot training for Mountain West Helicopters and is an experienced pilot in all three of the aircraft that are operated by the company. He is also a current CFI and CFII. Neal’s skill with a longline and finesse in the cockpit never go unnoticed.

Brock Wilson

Brock Wilson- Director of Operations

Brock has worked with Mountain West Helicopters since 2012 when he was brought on to be the Part 135 Director of Operations. Brock started flying helicopters in 2006 when he attended flight school at Utah Helicopter. After he obtained his Pilot Certificate, Brock spent the next year instructing students in a helicopter. He then went to the Gulf to fly offshore and gain more experience as a pilot. Brock also worked as an EMS pilot for several years where he learned to manage a flight crew and operate under pressure. Brock was instrumental in helping Mountain West Helicopters obtain a Part 135 Operating Certificate from the FAA. Brock currently flies our H125 and Bell UH-1H.

Andrew Longhurst

Andrew Longhurst- Director of Maintenance

Andrew has worked with Mountain West Helicopters since 2017. Prior to joining our team, Andrew served as a Maintenance Manager/Inspector for Helicopter Services of Utah. It was there that he learned how to oversee and supervise personnel as well as ensure that aircraft are being maintained to the appropriate standard. Andrew is meticulous in what he does and pays attention to detail. He oversees all maintenance at Mountain West Helicopters and supports the team out in the field.