Mountain West Helicopters - Testimonials

Because feedback is important....

Part of building our reputation as a top-notch helicopter charter service is knowing how to work with clients in a number of ways, all of which involves clear communication, a critical component to any mission.

After each project is complete and the equipment is brought home we like to inquire of our clients about their experience with us. How did we do? What did they like? How could we do it better? What didn't they like? Feedback is important in any business and we always encourage it, especially when it is something we don't want to hear..


“Mountain West is our go to provider for long line work in the high mountains as well as for all of our helicopter based avalanche mitigation operations.  We wouldn’t use anyone else.”

- Dave Richards
Avalanche Program Director for Alta Ski Area

"I've worked with Mountain West Helicopters for years in ski lift and remote detonated avalanche control systems construction.   Marcus and his team are well versed at planning and execution of precision, high altitude operations.  Their ships are clean, well maintained, and reliable.  This organization gives me the confidence to tackle the most difficult of remote construction projects."

- Matt Risley
Project Manager,  Sky Trac ski lifts

" As a line construction company, we are often using helicopters to haul in men, digging equipment, and also the poles, material, and gravel backfill used in building/rebuilding the power lines. Also on long line jobs where maintenance is required and there is no other way to get to where the work needs to be done. We have been using Mountain West Helicopters for several years now without hesitation, using everything from the KMAX, down to the ASTAR, including the HUEY. Working extensively with pilots Neil and Brock, also with Jon who helped out extensively on the ground Marcus has always been very quick to respond, and able to fit us in his schedule whenever something comes up. The team is very efficient and very safe.
It has always been a no hassle, get in-get done, experience with Mountain West Helicopters, and we will continue to use them when we need helicopter services

- Brian Robertson
General Foreman, Cache Valley Electric

"When it comes to precision equipment setting for HVAC and general construction, Mountain West Helicopters is the only option. Their highly trained team of pilots and riggers are capable of completing the job efficiently and safely. We have used MW Helicopters for multiple projects now and have been extremely satisfied every time. I recommend them highly. We are grateful to call Mountain West Helicopters a part of the RM CHRIS team!"

- Aaron Christiansen